The Jungle Book (1967)

The Jungle Book (1967) is a Animation, Adventure, Family film directed by Wolfgang Reitherman – Abandoned after an accident, baby Mowgli is taken and raised by a family of wolves. As the boy grows older, the wise panther Bagheera realizes he must be returned to his own kind in the nearby man-village. Baloo the bear however thinks differently taking the young Mowgli under his wing and teaching that living in the jungle is the best life there is. Bagheera realizes that Mowgli is in danger, particularly from Shere Khan the tiger who hates all people. When Baloo finally comes around, Mowgli runs off into the jungle where he survives a second encounter with Kaa the snake and finally, with Shere Khan. It’s the sight of a pretty girl however that gets Mowgli to go the nearby man-village.IMDB


Directed By – Wolfgang Reitherman

Genre – Animation, Adventure, Family

Cast – Phil Harris , Sebastian Cabot , J. Pat O’Malley , Louis Prima , Lord Tim Hudson , Bruce Reitherman , Sterling Holloway , Ben Wright , George Sanders , Verna Felton , Chad Stuart , John Abbott , Clint Howard , Darleen Carr

In Theaters – 7 December 1967

Duration – 78 Minutes

MPAA Rating : Approved

Taglines : The Jungle is JUMPIN’!

Story Writers: Ken Anderson , Ralph Wright , Larry Clemmons , Vance Gerry

Country: USA

Language: English

Production Company : Walt Disney Productions