The Hunting Ground (2015)

The Hunting Ground (2015) is a Documentary film directed by Kirby Dick – From the makers of The Invisible War (2012) comes a startling exposé of rape crimes on U.S. college campuses, their institutional cover-ups and the devastating toll they take on students and their families. Weaving together verité footage and first-person testimonies, the film follows the lives of several undergraduate assault survivors as they attempt to pursue – despite incredible push back, harassment, and traumatic aftermath – both their education and justice. IMDB


Directed By – Kirby Dick

Genre – Documentary

Cast – Kirby Dick , Caroline Heldman , Mrs. Willingham , Rachel Hudak , Amy Ziering , Claire Potter , Melinda Manning , Amy Herdy , Andrea Pino , Annie Clark , Kamilah Willingham , Leslie Strohm , Pat Cottrell , Tom Seeberg , Danielle Dirks , Kimberly Theidon , David Lisak , Carol Ann Mooney

In Theaters – 23 January 2015

Duration – 103 Minutes

MPAA Rating : PG-13

Taglines : Their dream school will become a nightmare.

Story Writers: Kirby Dick

Country: USA

Language: English

Production Company : Chain Camera Pictures