Taken 2 (2012)

Taken 2 (2012) is a Action, Thriller film directed by Olivier Megaton – The retired CIA agent Bryan Mills invites his teenage daughter Kim and his ex-wife Lenore, who has separated from her second husband, to spend a couple of days in Istanbul where he is working. Meanwhile, the patriarch of the community of the Albanian gang of human trafficking, Murad Krasniqi, seeks revenge for the death of his son and organizes another gang to kidnap Bryan and his family. Bryan and Lenore are abducted by the Albanians, but Kim escapes and is the only hope that Bryan has to escape and save Lenore.IMDB



Directed By – Olivier Megaton

Genre – Action, Thriller

Cast – Liam Neeson, Jon Gries , Famke Janssen, Maggie Grace , Leland Orser , Ergun Kuyucu , Murat Tuncelli , Alain Figlarz , Rade Serbedzija , D.B. Sweeney , Luke Grimes , Luke Grimes , Kevork Malikyan , Frank Alvarez , Cengiz Bozkurt , Ali Yildirim

In Theaters – 5 October 2012

Duration – 92 Minutes

MPAA Rating : PG-13

Taglines : They want revenge, They chose the wrong guy.

Story Writers: Luc Besson, Robert Mark Kamen

Country: France

Language: English , Turkish , Arabic

Production Company : Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation , M6 Films , EuropaCorp , Canal+ , Grive Productions


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