Sworn Virgin (2015)

Sworn Virgin (2015) is a Drama film directed by Laura Bispuri – Hana Doda, still a girl, escapes from her destiny of being wife and servant which is imposed on the women in the inhospitable mountains in Albania. She appeals to the old law of the Kanun and swears her eternal virginity thus becoming a “sworn virgin”. She turns into a man, takes up a rifle and becomes Mark, Mark Doda. It is in exchange for this sacrifice that Hana is allowed to be considered at the same level as other men. Her battle does not only mean that she must rebel against what destiny has been writing on her body for centuries, but she must also reject, in name of this rebellion, every form of love. A refusal that becomes her prison. After more than ten years spent in solitude in the mountains as a man, she becomes brutish and she transforms to survive the hardship, the cold and misery, until something returns to awaken her again… Hana decides to change life and painstakingly regain her body. She knows that leaving the mountains is the price she will have to pay to be able . IMDB



Directed By – Laura Bispuri

Genre – Drama

Cast – Alba Rohrwacher , Ilire Vinca Celaj , Emily Ferratello , Lars Eidinger , Flonja Kodheli , Luan Jaha , Bruno Shllaku

In Theaters – 19 March 2015

Duration – 84 Minutes

MPAA Rating :

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Story Writers: Elvira Dones , Laura Bispuri

Country: Albania , Kosovo , France , Italy , Switzerland , Germany

Language: Albanian , Italian

Production Company : Bord Cadre Films , Vivo Film, Colorado Film Production


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