The Sea of Trees (2015)

The Sea of Trees (2015) is a Drama film directed by Gus Van Sant – Arthur Brennan treks into Aokigahara, known as The Sea of Trees, a mysterious dense forest at the base of Japan’s Mount Fuji where people go to commit suicide. On his journey to the suicide forest, he encounters Takumi Nakamura, a Japanese man who has lost his way after attempting suicide. The two men begin a journey of reflection and survival, which affirms Arthur’s will to live and reconnects him to his love for his wife. IMDB


Directed By – Gus Van Sant

Genre – Drama

Cast – Matthew McConaughey , Sienna Tow , Naomi Watts , Ryoko Seta , Ken Watanabe , Michiko Tomura , Luke DeWolfe , Abe Lee Tsunenori , Christopher Tarjan , Naoko Marshall , Katie Aselton , Jazmin Domenech , Joe Girard , Yusuke Tozawa , Nada Despotovich

In Theaters – 26 August 2016

Duration – 110 Minutes

MPAA Rating : PG-13

Taglines : Love will bring you home.

Story Writers: Chris Sparling

Country: USA

Language: Japanese , English

Production Company : Bloom , Netter Productions , Waypoint Entertainment