Rock of Ages (2012)

Rock of Ages (2012) is a Comedy, Drama, Musical film directed by Adam Shankman – 1987. Naive Sherrie Christian has just arrived in Hollywood from Tulsa looking to become a rock star. She is just like Drew Boley was when he first arrived in Hollywood, he, now the Hollywood veteran, who works as a bar back at the Bourbon Club, known as the center of the rock scene in town and the place where many of the biggest acts in rock got their big break. The two meet as Drew helps Sherrie with a situation when she first arrives in town. Despite Dennis Dupree, the Bourbon’s owner/manager, not liking to hire people like Drew or Sherrie – someone who has musical aspirations – as service staff, Drew is able to convince Dennis and his assistant Lonny to hire Sherrie as a server, Drew and Sherrie who have a blossoming mutual attraction. Dennis and Lonny, who are having financial difficulties, are able to convince rock star Stacee Jaxx, the perpetually stoned front man for the band Arsenal who got his first break performing at the Bourbon, to perform for free at a benefit concert at. IMDB


Directed By – Adam Shankman

Genre – Comedy, Drama, Musical

Cast – Julianne Hough , Matthew Rush Sullivan , Diego Boneta , Tom Cruise , Bryan Cranston , Shane Hartline , Dakota Sage Grant , Angelo Valderrama , Russell Brand , Erica Frene , Anthony Bellissimo , Celina Beach , James Martin Kelly , Catherine Zeta-Jones , Alec Baldwin , Michael Olusczak

In Theaters – 15 June 2012

Duration – 123 Minutes

MPAA Rating : PG-13

Taglines : Nothin’ but a good time

Story Writers: Allan Loeb , Chris D’Arienzo , Justin Theroux

Country: USA

Language: English

Production Company : New Line Cinema , Offspring Entertainment , Corner Store Entertainment , Material Pictures


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