River of Grass (1994)

River of Grass (1994) is a Drama film directed by Kelly Reichardt – Near the Everglades, the “river of grass,” lives Cozy (named for her father’s favorite drummer), lonely, in a loveless marriage, ignoring her kids. She fantasizes being a dancer, an acrobat, and a gymnast. One night at a bar she meets Lee. He’s jobless, homeless, and unbeknownst to Cozy, is in possession of her father’s handgun. Dad’s a cop and lost the gun chasing a robber. Cozy and Lee climb a fence to swim in a pool. Playing around with the gun, they think they kill the pool’s owner, so they go on the lam. An odd partnership develops even though they’re short on ideas. But how can they escape their barren lot if they don’t even have a quarter for the road toll? IMDB



Directed By – Kelly Reichardt

Genre – Drama

Cast – Larry Fessenden , Santo Fazio , Sheila Korsi , Dick Russell , Michael Buscemi , Steven Lezak , Lisa Bowman , Greg Schroeder , Mitch Lewis

In Theaters – 13 October 1995

Duration – 76 Minutes

MPAA Rating :

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Story Writers: Kelly Reichardt , Jesse Hartman

Country: USA

Language: : English

Production Company : Good Machine