Results (2015)

Results (2015) is a Comedy, Romance film directed by Andrew Bujalski – The healthy living philosophies of an ultra-positive gym owner, Trevor, played by Guy Pearce, is tested against his employee Kat’s more pragmatic approach, played by Cobie Smulders. It doesn’t help that the two have slept together and he harbours lingering feelings for her. Her unresolved anger threatens to ruin the gym’s relationship with a wealthy new client, Danny, played by Kevin Corrigan. Matters are further jeopardized when Trevor, trying to smooth the situation, gives way to his own emotions instead. In spite of their best efforts, neither is able to truly move on. The business risk Trevor is in too deep to back away from and the uncertainty of something more with Kat threatens to profoundly impact both their lives. IMDB


Directed By – Andrew Bujalski

Genre – Comedy, Romance

Cast – Guy Pearce , Cobie Smulders , Kevin Corrigan , Elizabeth Berridge , Tucker Bernon , Constance Zimmer , Giovanni Ribisi , Brooklyn Decker , Rebecca Beegle , Matt Sledge , David Bernon , Amy Lowrey , Tishuan Scott , Leslie Roberts , Zoe Graham

In Theaters – 29 May 2015

Duration – 105 Minutes

MPAA Rating : R

Taglines : Fighting fit

Story Writers: Andrew Bujalski

Country: USA

Language: English , Japanese

Production Company : Burn Later Productions , Houston King Productions