Precious (2009)

Precious (2009) is a Drama film directed by Lee Daniels – It’s Harlem 1987. Sixteen year old Claireece Jones – who goes by her middle name Precious – is an illiterate, overweight black girl. She is pregnant with her second child, both children fathered by her biological father, who has continually raped her since she was a child, but who she doesn’t see otherwise. Her infant daughter, Mongo – such named since she has Down Syndrome – lives with Precious’ grandmother. Precious lives with her mother Mary, who abuses Precious both physically and emotionally. Mary does nothing but smoke, watch television and collect welfare through fraud (as she doesn’t ever look for a job) and believes that education does nothing for Precious, who she would rather also collect welfare if only to bring money into the household. To escape her life, Precious often daydreams of herself in glamorous situations. Because of her current pregnancy, Precious’ principal transfers her into an alternative school. In dealing with the school’s sympathetic teacher Miss Blu Rain. IMDB


Directed By – Lee Daniels

Genre – Drama

Cast – Paula Patton , Gabourey Sidibe , Sherri Shepherd , Mo’Nique , Stephanie Andujar , Amina Robinson , Angelic Zambrana , Nealla Gordon , Barret Helms , Mariah Carey , Lenny Kravitz , Chyna Layne , Xosha Roquemore , Aunt Dot , Grace Hightower

In Theaters – 20 November 2009

Duration – 110 Minutes

MPAA Rating : R

Taglines :

Story Writers: Sapphire

Country: USA

Language: English , Italian

Production Company : Smokewood Entertainment Group , Lionsgate, Lee Daniels Entertainment


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