A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010)

A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010) is a Horror, Mystery, Thriller film directed by Samuel Bayer – Death stalks the dreams of several young adults to claim its revenge on the killing of Freddy Kruger. Chased and chastised by this finger-bladed demon, it is the awakening of old memories and the denials of a past of retribution that spurns this hellish vision of a dreamlike state and turns death into a nightmare reality.IMDB



Directed By – Samuel Bayer

Genre – Horror, Mystery, Thriller

Cast – Katie Cassidy , Kellan Lutz , Jackie Earle Haley , Kyle Gallner , Thomas Dekker , Lia D. Mortensen , Katie Schooping Knight , Leah Uteg , Rooney Mara , Clancy Brown , Connie Britton , Julianna Damm , Christian Stolte , Hailey Schooping Knight , Don Robert Cass

In Theaters – 30 April 2010

Duration – 95 Minutes

MPAA Rating : R

Taglines : All you have to do is dream…

Story Writers: Wesley Strick

Country: USA

Language: English

Production Company : Platinum Dunes , New Line Cinema


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