My Nazi Legacy (2015)

My Nazi Legacy (2015) is a Documentary film directed by David Evans – Three men travel together across Europe. For two of them the journey involves a confrontation with the acts of their fathers, who were both senior Nazi officers. For the third, the eminent human rights lawyer and author Philippe Sands, it means visiting the place where much of his own Jewish family was destroyed by the fathers of the two men he has come to know. It is an emotional, psychological exploration of three men wrestling with their past, the present of Europe – and conflicting versions of the truth. IMDB


Directed By – David Evans

Genre – Documentary

Cast – Niklas Frank, Philippe Sands, Horst von Wachter

In Theaters – 6 November 2015

Duration – 96 Minutes

MPAA Rating :

Taglines :

Story Writers: Philippe Sands

Country: UK

Language: English

Production Company : Wildgaze Films


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