Mia Madre (2015)

Mia Madre (2015) is a Drama film directed by Nanni Moretti – These are hard days for Margherita, who is going through a very difficult period in her life. On a professional level first, the middle-aged film director, has started wondering whether the committed movies she has been making are really an actual reflection of the world she lives in ; on top of this, she is in conflict not only with her crew but also, and primarily, with Barry Huggins, a well-known American actor of Italian origin, who proves awfully bad and uncontrollable. On the personal level, things do not get any better – it could even be said they are worse. Margherita has just left her life partner and she has become unable to relate to her teenage daughter. As for her mother, she is now seriously ill and her doctor tries to prepare her brother and her for the worst. Which is unacceptable to the weakened woman who can find salvation only in denial of reality. Will she manage to face up to the facts and to come to terms with herself? IMDB



Directed By – Nanni Moretti

Genre – Drama

Cast – Margherita Buy , Beatrice Mancini , John Turturro , Giulia Lazzarini , Pietro Ragusa , Tatiana Lepore , Toni Laudadio , Nanni Moretti , Davide Iacopini , Stefano Abbati , Anna Bellato , Vanessa Scalera , Lorenzo Gioielli , Monica Samassa , Enrico Ianniello

In Theaters – 25 March 2016

Duration – 106 Minutes

MPAA Rating : R

Taglines : The past returns with a vengeance.

Story Writers: Chiara Valerio , Valia Santella , Nanni Moretti , Gaia Manzini

Country: Germany , Italy , France

Language: : Italian , French , English

Production Company : Sacher Film , Fandango , Le Pacte