Maximum Ride (2016)

Maximum Ride (2016) is a Action , Adventure , Comedy film directed by Jay Martin – There are 6 children that aren’t your average kids. Their names are Max (14 years old), Fang (14), Iggy (14), Nudge (11), Gazzy (8), and Angel (6). They’re special hybrid humans; they had 2% avian DNA infused to their human DNA. They escaped from a lab they call “The School” with the help of their caretaker (Jeb Batchleder), and they’ve been living in the mountains since, even after Jeb dies. But when the half-lupine guards from The School, Erasers, have taken Angel, they go on a exhilarating journey to get her back. Along the way, their mysterious past is being revealed, as well as some stunning secrets. IMDB


Directed By – Jay Martin

Genre – Action , Adventure , Comedy

Cast – Lyliana Wray , Allie Marie Evans , Patrick Johnson , Tetona Jackson , Peter O’Brien , Luke Gregory Crosby , Gavin Lewis , Carrie Wampler , Zander Faden , ChimneySwift11 , Shaun Patrick Brady , Lillie Owers , Tina Huang , Zayne Emory , Karla Zamudio

In Theaters – 30 August 2016

Duration – 88 Minutes

MPAA Rating : PG-13

Taglines : Welcome To Her Nightmare

Story Writers: Brian Reindl , Jay Martin

Country: USA

Language: English

Production Company : G2 , JP Entertainment , Studio71