Losin’ It (1983)

Losin’ It (1983) is a Comedy film directed by Curtis Hanson – Teen sex comedy set in 1965 which follows four Los Angeles school friends, Woody, Dave, Spider, Wendell and the series of misadventures they get into when they travel south of the border to Tijuana, Mexico for a night of cruisin’, causing trouble, and to settle a pact to lose their virginity before the night is over, while a young woman, named Kathy, accompanies them for different reasons: to arrange a quick divorce from her husband. IMDB



Directed By – Curtis Hanson

Genre – Comedy

Cast – Tom Cruise , Shelley Long , Jackie Earle Haley , John Stockwell , John P. Navin Jr. , Enrique Castillo , Hector Morales , Cornelio Hernandez , Henry Darrow , Daniel Faraldo , Rick Rossovich , James Victor , Kale Browne , Hector Elias , Mario Marcelino

In Theaters – 22 April 1983

Duration – 100 Minutes

MPAA Rating : R

Taglines : They were boozin’ it, brusin’ it and cruisin’ it, but mostly they were . . .

Story Writers: Bryan Gindoff

Country: Canada , USA

Language: English

Production Company : Tiberius Film Productions , Tijuana Productions