Legend (2015)

Legend (2015) is a Biography, Crime, Thriller film directed by Brian Helgeland – Focusing on the relationship between Reggie Kray and Frances Shea, told from France’s’ point of view as someone who knew him best, as well as the mental health issues Ronnie Kray faced and their rise to power as the notorious gangsters of London.IMDB



Directed By – Brian Helgeland

Genre – Biography, Crime, Thriller

Cast – Tom Hardy, Joshua Hill , Emily Browning, Taron Egerton , Mel Raido , Stephen Thompson , Chris Mason , Colin Morgan , Nicholas Farrell , Johnson Finley , Christopher Eccleston , Sam Spruell , Millie Brady , Adam Fogerty , Paul Anderson , Tara Fitzgerald

In Theaters – 20 November 2015

Duration – 131 Minutes

MPAA Rating : R

Taglines : Power. Fear. Family.

Story Writers: Brian Helgeland, John Pearson

Country: France , UK , USA

Language: English

Production Company : Cross Creek Pictures, Working Title Films, Anton Capital Entertainment


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