Jeff, Who Lives at Home (2011)

Jeff, Who Lives at Home (2011) is a Comedy, Drama film directed by Jay Duplass, Mark Duplass – Jeff, at 30, lives in his mom’s basement, unemployed, looking for signs about what to do with his life. He answers a wrong-number call for “Kevin”. Later, on a bus, he sees someone wearing a jersey with “Kevin” on the back. Jeff follows him. Meanwhile, Jeff’s brother, Pat, a tone-deaf salesman, upsets his wife by buying a Porsche they cannot afford; Pat runs into Jeff soon after and they see Pat’s wife with another man. At her job, Jeff and Pat’s mom receives e-mails from a secret admirer; she tries to figure out who it is. Misunderstandings, errors, and confrontations abound. A backup on the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway brings things to a head. IMDB


Directed By – Jay Duplass, Mark Duplass

Genre – Comedy, Drama

Cast – Jason Segel , Rae Dawn Chong , Ed Helms , Judy Greer , Susan Sarandon , Lance E. Nichols , Steve Zissis , Evan Ross , Benjamin Brant Bickham , Tim J. Smith , Zac Cino , David Kency , Raion Hill , Lee Nguyen , Ernest James

In Theaters – 16 March 2012

Duration – 83 Minutes

MPAA Rating : R

Taglines : The first step to finding your destiny is leaving your mother’s basement.

Story Writers: Jay Duplass , Mark Duplass

Country: USA

Language: English

Production Company : Indian Paintbrush , Jeff Brothers Productions , Mr. Mudd