Insidious (2008)

Insidious (2008) is a Drama, Mystery, Romance film directed by Jerry Schram – Times are tough for talented, twenty-one year old filmmaker, Donny Rocconi. He grew up in New York City, a place where either you learn fast, or lose everything. Estranged from his mother, and never knowing his dead father, Donny sets out to collect on debts owed, and is dragged deep into a seductive ambush that turns his world upside down. Donny reaches out for help from a “connected” Mulberry Street café owner, Gigetto, who has more problems than just the Russian mob. Insidious is a compelling and riveting story of desperation and betrayal, as Donny faces a fight for truth, love, and life itself. Insidious has a strong ensemble of New York City acting talent, and their multiple adult story lines are centered in their emotional and financial relationships.IMDB


Directed By – Jerry Schram

Genre – Drama, Mystery, Romance

Cast – Augustus Diorio, Karen Sours , Lou Martini Jr., Adrienne LaValley , James Schram , Megan Corry , Elisabeth Steen-Nokleberg , Devonee Duchein , Brenda Cooney , Zoltan Szalas , Michael Lepre , Katya Zakharova , Peter Claymore , Darby Lynn Totten , Lise Fisher

In Theaters – 1 May 2008

Duration – 96 Minutes

MPAA Rating :

Taglines : A fight for truth, love, and life itself

Story Writers: Jerry Schram

Country: USA

Language: English

Production Company : Romantic Troubadour Entertainment