Inherent Vice (2014)

Inherent Vice (2014) is a Comedy, Crime, Drama film directed by Paul Thomas Anderson – During the psychedelic 60s and 70s Larry “Doc” Sportello is surprised by his former girlfriend and her plot for her billionaire boyfriend, his wife, and her boyfriend. A plan for kidnapping gets shaken up by the oddball characters entangled in this groovy kidnapping romp based upon the novel by Thomas Pynchon.IMDB


Directed By – Paul Thomas Anderson

Genre – Comedy, Crime, Drama

Cast – Joaquin Phoenix, Taylor Bonin , Josh Brolin, Owen Wilson , Jeannie Berlin , Katherine Waterston , Joanna Newsom , Michael Kenneth Williams , Jordan Christian Hearn , Serena Scott Thomas , Maya Rudolph , Martin Dew , Shannon Collis , Eric Roberts , Hong Chau , Christopher Allen Nelson

In Theaters – 9 January 2015

Duration – 148 Minutes

MPAA Rating : R

Taglines :

Story Writers: Thomas Pynchon

Country: USA

Language: Japanese , English

Production Company : Warner Bros. , Ghoulardi Film Company , IAC Films


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