Entourage (2015)

Entourage (2015) is a Comedy film directed by Doug Ellin – This movie picks up where the TV show ended. Vincent Chase is offered a role by his former agent now Studio boss Ari Gold in a movie he is developing. Vincent agrees on the condition that he be allowed to direct the movie also. Nearly a year later, Vince is uncertain if the movie is ready, so he asks Ari for money to finish the movie. But Vincent has asked for money more than once already and Ari’s bosses are not happy of how much they’re spending. But he goes to their backer to ask for more money and he wants to see what Vince has shot so far but Vince won’t let anyone see it yet. But he’s planning a screening, and asks the backer to come to L.A. with him but he can’t so he sends his son instead. At the screening Vince decides not to show it. But gives out DVDS. The son after watching the movie, says he has issues with Drama, Vince’s brother who has a small role in the movie. Vince is unwilling to drop him. When they appease the son, he then says he has issues with Vince. So as they . IMDB



Directed By – Doug Ellin

Genre – Comedy

Cast –Kevin Dillon , Adrian Grenier, Haley Joel Osment , Debi Mazar , Jeremy Piven , Kevin Connolly, Scott Mescudi , Jerry Ferrara , Perrey Reeves , Emmanuelle Chriqui , Alan Dale , Constance Zimmer , Rex Lee , Rhys Coiro , Ronda Rousey

In Theaters – 3 June 2015

Duration – 104 Minutes

MPAA Rating : R

Taglines : The ride ain’t over

Story Writers: Rob Weiss , Doug Ellin

Country: USA

Language: English

Production Company : Leverage Entertainment , Warner Bros., Home Box Office (HBO), 5150 Action , RatPac Entertainment , Closest to the Hole Productions


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