Cars 2 (2011)

Cars 2 (2011) is a Animation, Adventure, Comedy film directed by John Lasseter, Brad Lewis – After Mater gets his best friend, star race car Lightning McQueen, a spot in the very first World Grand Prix, he is given the job of pit crew chief. But while they are in Japan, Mater crosses paths with Holley Shiftwell, a spy searching for an American spy. Unknown to Mater, the American spy attached a tracking device on him while being attacked. Thinking the tow truck is the spy, Holley and another spy, Finn McMissile, take Mater around the world to find and stop an evil plot created by “lemons,” old cars considered ugly. IMDB


Directed By – John Lasseter, Brad Lewis

Genre – Animation, Adventure, Comedy

Cast – Owen Wilson , Joe Mantegna , David Hobbs , Eddie Izzard , Thomas Kretschmann , John Turturro , Larry the Cable Guy , Peter Jacobson , Michael Caine , Emily Mortimer , Brent Musburger , Bonnie Hunt , Franco Nero , Darrell Waltrip , Patrick Walker

In Theaters – 24 June 2011

Duration – 106 Minutes

MPAA Rating : G

Taglines : Going where no car has gone before.

Story Writers: John Lasseter, Brad Lewis , Dan Fogelman

Country: USA

Language: English , Japanese , Italian , French

Production Company : Pixar Animation Studios , Walt Disney Pictures

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