Battleship (2012)

Battleship (2012) is a Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi film directed by Peter Berg – Based on the classic Hasbro naval combat game, Battleship is the story of an international fleet of ships who come across an alien armada while on Naval war games exercise. An intense battle is fought on sea, land and air. What do the aliens want?. IMDB


Directed By – Peter Berg

Genre – Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

Cast – Alexander Skarsgard , Taylor Kitsch , Peter MacNicol , Brooklyn Decker , Liam Neeson , Rihanna , Joji Yoshida , Jerry Ferrara , Hamish Linklater , Tadanobu Asano , John Tui , Gregory D. Gadson , Adam Godley , Rico McClinton , Jesse Plemons

In Theaters – 18 May 2012

Duration – 131 Minutes

MPAA Rating : PG-13

Taglines : The battle for Earth begins at sea.

Story Writers: Jon Hoeber , Erich Hoeber

Country: USA

Language: Japanese , English

Production Company : Universal Pictures , Hasbro , Bluegrass Films


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