A Haunted House (2013)

A Haunted House (2013) is a Comedy, Horror film directed by Michael Tiddes – In October 2012 a video footage is found at the home of Malcolm Johnson and the recordings are still unexplained. Past this prologue a story in flashback form unfolds. During the summer of 2012, Malcolm and Kisha move in together and start a happy life. One night Kisha notices a few unexplained phenomena that convince her their house is haunted by ghosts. To allay her fears Malcom hires a camera crew to film inside the house day and night. A few nights later Malcom and Keisha have sex on camera, despite Keisha’s protests at being filmed. Upon reviewing the sex tape the next day, Malcom and Keisha notice a few paranormal phenomena caught on tape. Malcom wants to sell the house but the housing market is slow. Therefore, Malcom decides to hire a psychic to come to the house and investigate. After Kisha confesses to making a deal with the devil for a pair of shoes things start to make sense but it doesn’t solve the problems caused by the paranormal phenomena. IMDB



Directed By – Michael Tiddes

Genre – Comedy, Horror

Cast – Marlon Wayans , Dave Sheridan , Essence Atkins , Marlene Forte , David Koechner , Robin Thede , Jordenn Thompson , Alanna Ubach , Cedric the Entertainer , J.B. Smoove , Nick Swardson , Andrew Daly , Affion Crockett

In Theaters – 11 January 2013

Duration – 86 Minutes

MPAA Rating : R

Taglines : This $*%! ain’t paranormal!

Story Writers: Marlon Wayans , Rick Alvarez

Country: USA

Language: Spanish , English

Production Company : Wayans/ Alvarez Productions , Automatik Entertainment , Endgame Entertainment , Baby Way Productions , IM Global , Cutting Edge Group