8 Mile (2002)

8 Mile (2002) is a Drama, Music film directed by Curtis Hanson – This is the inspiring captivating story of the legendary rapper Eminem. The troubled young aspiring rapper from a ghetto in Michigan must exert his last chances to become successful while dealing with his life in ruins. All is seemingly lost. He is now single, has only a few friends, an insane/alcoholic mother, and is dealt with poverty and living in a violent city on 8 mile. His only way out of the ghetto and torturous life he’s living in is with his talent in rapping. Will B-Rabbit prevail and seize the shot he’s given or will he let it slip?IMDB



Directed By – Curtis Hanson

Genre – Drama, Music

Cast – Eminem , Evan Jones , Brittany Murphy , Kim Basinger , Michael Shannon , Mekhi Phifer , Larry Hudson , De’Angelo Wilson , Taryn Manning , Proof , DJ Head , Chloe Greenfield , Omar Benson Miller , Mike Bell , Eugene Byrd

In Theaters – 8 November 2002

Duration – 110 min

MPAA Rating : R

Taglines : Every moment is another chance.

Story Writers: Scott Silver

Country: Germany , USA

Language: English

Production Company : Imagine Entertainment , Mikona Productions GmbH & Co. KG